Beyond Borders T4EU week

It is a great pleasure for us to announce the launch of our 2nd Transform4Europe Week, co-organised with our Slovenian neighbours, the University of Primorska, from 20th to 24th May 2024!

The title of this year’s edition is Beyond Borders, as a tribute to the decade-long collaboration between our two institutions, which are now bound by an even stronger tie: the Transform4Europe Alliance.

The T4EU week will start and take place in Trieste on 20th and 21st May, and will then move to Koper on 22nd, where it will see its conclusion on 24th May.

We will welcome participants from all 10 partner universities with a rich and varied programme, that will be fine-tuned and published over the next weeks.  Stay tuned to get all the updates!

For the time being, we have put together a course offer for students of all study levels (BA, MA, PhD).

Take a look at the course catalogue and make your choice!

Each course description provides details about:

  • max number of students
  • target group/s (BA, MA, PhD)
  • granted ECTSs

Students can only attend one course, but are requested to list three options in order of preference.

Each partner university can send up to 15 students, who will be selected internally based on Erasmus+ criteria and notified accordingly, once the selection procedure is finished.

Courses will be delivered following a BIP hybrid scheme (Blended Intensive Programme), including some online and 20 face-to-face teaching hours each. ECTS credits will be granted by the University of Primorska.

Use our application form and don’t miss out the chance to experience unity and a real sense of belonging beyond borders!

Hurry up: the deadline to apply is 15th March 2024!”