Social media policy


The University of Trieste promotes transparency, participation and constructive dialogue with the general public, including via social media.


The University of Trieste social media accounts are used:

– to provide information on how the University works

– to facilitate access to services – to publicise the results of scientific research

– to promote the dissemination of research and events in which the University is involved – to receive comments, feedback, questions, criticisms and suggestions


– The accounts can produce their own content which will be underthe Creative Commons CC BYND 3.0 licence and can be freely reproduced providing the original source is credited.

– The University may launch special social media campaign to receive feedback from supporters and followers and create content together.

– The University of Trieste can exploit information and content gathered from users providing permission is requested from the owner and copyright laws are respected.

– The University may promote some content with sponsored posts/tweets to rationalize costs compared to other types of advertising. If they wish, users can block this content.

– The University of Trieste may share content and messages with third parties if the content is considered to be of public interest and utility. Notwithstanding the commitment of verify the correctness and reliability of this content, the administration declines all responsibility for any erroneous or out-of-date information.

Comments and posts by users are the opinion of the respective individuals and not that of the University, which cannot be held responsible for the veracity of content posted on the channels by third parties.

Any advertising content posted around content on the social network pages are managed autonomously by the social networks and not controlled by the University.


Everyone has the right to intervene and express his/her opinion. Comments to posts are important feedback to the institution and are encouraged. Individuals are responsible for what they write and publish. There is no preventive moderation of University of Trieste accounts. However, posts or comments which violate the conditions expressed here will be removed. Insults, vulgarity or behaviour that offends personal dignity, the rights of minors and the principles of liberty and equality will not be tolerated.

The following will be moderated and may be removed:

– comments that are off-topic

– comments or posts providing sensitive data

– repeated posts

– comments or posts written to disrupt the discussion or offend those who manage the channel


Where these conditions or the policy of the platform used are violated, the SMT reserves the right to block the user’s account, to report him/her to those responsible for the platform and, as necessary, to the police.

The following specific action will be taken:

– the publication of content that discriminates by gender, ethnic origin, language, religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions will result in said content being eliminated. If the action is repeated, the user will be blocked;

the publication of insults or profanities, or of content that is indecorous or threatening or incites illicit or violent behaviour, or offends the reputation of individuals or the image of the University or other institutions will result in said content being eliminated. If the action is repeated, the user will be blocked;

the publication of political, commercial or advertising content that is misleading or violates the rights of third parties will result in said content being eliminated;

the publication of content in a language which administrators cannot fully understand will result in said content being eliminated;

the publication of illicit or illegal content will result in said content being eliminated and the user being blocked and reported to the police.


Processing of users’ personal data is in accordance with current legislation and policies in use on the respective platforms. The data shared by users through private messages sent to channel managers will be treated in accordance with Italian privacy laws.