This site respects the accessibility and usability standards for web pages.

For a website, accessibility means ensuring that all users, irrespective of any physical and psychological disabilities, and with the equipment at their disposal, can enjoy easy access to the information, resources and services offered.

A website is said to be usable if the interaction with users is ‘effective, efficient, satisfying and easy’.

(ISO (International Organization for Standardization) definition)

Maximum attention has been paid to the development of the site, which is constantly monitored. However, it is not possible to guarantee that all pages are fully accessible to all categories of user.  Care has been taken to ensure that the structure, content, functionality and graphics conform to the the current technical requirements for public sector internet sites.(Appendix A of the Ministerial Decree of 8 July 2005 that brought the ‘Stanca’ law into force).

Despite all the care taken in the realisation of the site and the numerous tests carried out, complete access to all pages for all categories of user cannot be guaranteed.

We apologise for this, and in order to ensure that problems are resolved as quickly as possible, we would ask you to contact us in case of any difficulties or irregularities.