Mobility week in Kaunas -Lithuania

Transform4Europe invites you to participate in the Mobility Week on March 20th-25th held by Vytautas Magnus University.

The focus is on the ‘Critical Heritage’ course, which will rally on dealing with the difficult legacies of modernity and the Cold War. Participants will have an opportunity to be introduced with topics on military and industrial heritage, which nowadays pose matchless challenges technologically, socially, and environmentally. 

The lectures will present in-depth theoretical analysis and case studies on topics such as nationalism, colonialism, and heritage.

During 5 days course, activities will include visits to heritage sites, museums, urban and architectural walks, military and industrial sites, as well as film screenings and discussions. Participants will take part in individual and group activities and will have to prepare a final project afterwards. 

From academic point of view, the heritage field will be explored in a critical and transdisciplinary context, focusing on local, national, and global aspects. Thus, you will have the chance to discuss the diversity of engagements with the past, and social and environmental sustainability.  

The ‘Critical Heritage’ course will provide students with the best practice to develop the skills necessary to be able to define heritage issues and articulate a personal understanding by developing a case study on selected locality, community, and issue. 

Focusing on emerging trends in the heritage field, the course will discuss heritage as a modern concept and its transformations, as a policy and a cultural practice both shaped by and shaping political, economic, social, and environmental realities. 

All participants who will complete the course will be issued with certificates and transcripts of records for 6 ECTS, which will be recognized by the entire T4EU alliance.  

Note, travel and accommodation expenses will be funded by T4EU initiative, please contact T4EU office at your home university.  

Application deadline is February 5th

If you have any questions, please e-mail to