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Complementary Skills training (art. 4, comma 1 lettera f DM 226/2021)

    Info: Elena Benedetti

The current legislation, i.e. DM 226/2021 reforming doctoral courses, prompts universities to organize, even jointly with several doctoral courses, training activities – including interdisciplinary training – along with activities aimed at the improvement of languages and IT knowledge, and at enhancing research outcomes and intellectual property.
In this regard, the Doctoral Office of the University of Trieste, in agreement with all Heads of PhD Courses, fosters training of PhD students with an offer on a wide range of topics:
  • Academic English
  • Ethics and persuasive communication techniques
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Technology transfer
  • Research management
The activities are continuously updated.

This training is:
  • complementary to the research activity conducted by any PhD students
  • interdisciplinary with regard to the topics addressed
  • cross-training in that it involves PhD students, regardless of the course they are enrolled in
  • optional: with no credit award, it is however critical for complementing and enhancing the PhD student’s global training.
Upon completion of each activity, requiring at least 75% attendance, participants will be delivered a certificate of attendance.


from december 2023

Sicurezza e Prevenzione
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Video Corso "Sicurezza Studenti" con test e attestato finale
Servizio Prevenzione e Protezione

Ongoing Events

1 e 15 febbraio
10 hours (1CFU)
iscrizioni online
entro 30 gennaio
More than meets the eye: scholarly literature retrieval and library services for PhD students - SBA

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