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PhD applicants must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • an Italian Master’s degree known as “Laurea specialistica/magistrale” or a degree awarded prior to approval of Ministerial Decree D.M. n. 509 of 3 Novembre 1999, updated with D.M. n. 270 of 22 October 2004, n. 270, or a qualification corresponding to a Master’s (second level) degree;
  • an equivalent foreign academic qualification awarded abroad.
Specific degree qualifications may be required by each PhD Programme.

Academic qualifications awarded outside Italy must be comparable with the Italian degree that allows the holder to undertake PhD studies, considered their duration, level and area of study. The Examining Board is in charge of the assessment of foreign qualifications, and decides whether they meet the requirements.


Applicants must upload a copy of their degree certificate, together with a Trasnscript of Record - either in Italian or in English - to enable evaluation of their qualification. It is recommended to upload a Diploma Supplement, where available.

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For information on recognition of international qualifications, please contact CIMEA (Information Centre for Academic Mobility and Equivalence)


The original legalized documents and translations which were uploaded at the time of application must be submitted for enrolment.

  • Please note: if the country where the certificates were delivered has signed the Hague Convention of 5 December 1961, the documents must bear the Apostille from the local authorities.
    The documents issued in some European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Germany) are exempt from legalization and Apostille (European Convention of Bruxelles of 25 May 1987).

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