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ENROLMENTS - A.Y. 2021/2022
ATTENTION: Doctoral students enrolling to subsequent years will be informed on their institutional email accounts when they can pay the instalment through the online services. Receipts MUST NOT be given to the Doctoral Office. Payment (where tuition fees are applicable) is a prerequisite for enrolment. The deadline for paying is 24 September 2021. The penalties folate payments are listed in the "Tax and fees announcement". Enrolment to subsequent years will only be accepted after a positive assessment by the Academic Board of the research activity done during the previous academic year.
Statement of students' obligations - a.y. 2023/24 (39th cycle)
[Statement of students' obligations - a.y. 2023/24 (<b>39th cycle</b>) -  (pdf)] (14.09.23)
Statement of students' obligations NRRP - a.y. 2022/23 (38th cycle)
[Statement of <b><font color=#0000ff>students' obligations NRRP</font></b> - a.y. 2022/23 (<b>38th cycle</b>) -  (pdf)] (04.10.22)
Application for vacant places
[Application for vacant places -  (pdf)] (27.07.21)
Request to withdraw from enrolment or relinquish scholarship
[Request to withdraw from enrolment or relinquish scholarship -  (pdf)] (26.09.19)
Request to withdraw from studies or scholarship
[Request to withdraw from studies or scholarship -  (pdf)] (27.09.18)
Request for Leave of absence
[Request for Leave of absence -  (pdf)] (13.05.21)
Return from Leave of Absence form
[Return from Leave of Absence form -  (pdf)] (27.08.18)
Resumed attendance form
[Resumed attendance form -  (pdf)] (15.11.17)

Study and research periods abroad

Doctoral students can carry out part of their research activity at qualified institutions abroad subject to prior approval by:

  • the Director/Chair for periods not exceeding six months;
  • the Academic Board, for periods exceeding six months.

Study periods abroad cannot exceed half of the length of the Doctoral programme and must fall within the three years of regular attendance (therefore not while the student is put on hold). For those students who have been awarded a scholarship, the daily amount may be increased by up to 50% in the case of study periods abroad (except at partner institutions).

Doctoral students must follow the instructions below to be authorized to spend study periods abroad and to receive the 50% increase of the scholarship. From 29th ciclo scholarship may be increased if the period of stay abroad is uninterrupted and longer than sixty days.

Before leaving

The Doctoral Registrarís Office should receive: the authorization form with the approval and signature of the Director/Chair:

The following data should be specified

  • exact period to be spent abroad;
  • name of the research institution abroad;
  • request to have the 50% increase of the scholarship.

If the study period exceeds six months also the:

  • reference to the date of the decision made by the Academic Board.

If the student fails to send the authorization form to the Doctoral Registrarís Office before leaving, s/he will not be covered by insurance, nor will s/he receive the 50% increase of the scholarship.

Health insurance abroad: the doctoral student has to contact the local health authorities

When coming back

The Doctoral Registrarís Office should receive the following documentation:

  • the form below
  • an original statement on letterhead written in English and signed by the person in charge of the research activity at the foreign institution; the exact study period must be specified (it must correspond to the former authorization) and date of the statement must correspond to the end of the study period.
Study away - pre-departure form
[Study away - pre-departure form -  (pdf)] (12.10.23)
Return from study away form
[Return from study away form -  (pdf)] (12.10.23)
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