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Scolarships for Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy programme

The University of Silesia in Katowice, one of the T4EU partner universities, invites students from...
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map with Mariupol city

T4EU supports the State University of Mariupol

The Mariupol State University cooperates with the T4EU Alliance, and its members would like to...
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Human Resources Management course for T4EU students

Within the T4EU Bachelor’s Tracks framework, the University of Alicante -UA has set up the...
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ospedale militare building in trieste

T4EU Entrepreneurship Week

The University of Trieste, as a partner of the Transform4Europe project (T4EU), will organise the first...
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university porfessors

A delegation from the University of Trieste visited the campus of Saarbrücken

Within the Transform4Europe Alliance, the kick-off meeting for a research cooperation between Saarland University (Sport...
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