‘(CO)HAPPINESS LABORATORY’ Summer Course in Kaunas – Lithuania

Transform4Europe invites you to participate in the summer course on August 27 to 29 organized by Vytautas Magnus University.
This year we offer the ‘(CO)HAPPINESS LABORATORY’ course, which will focus on shaping conditions for the happiness of oneself, others, and us all as society in times of challenges and transformations. Participants will have an opportunity to explore topics on how to recognize, create and maintain happiness on personal, group and societal levels. Starting with the search for their inner happiness, participants will move forward to explore the ways how to support others in their search for happiness and create and sustain a happy environment within their social circles.The form of the ‘(CO)HAPPINESS LABORATORY’ will be a hackathon – an event, typically lasting several days, where people come together to collaborate to solve a problem or identify new opportunities and to learn from each other.

The inspiring talks and inputs from experts will present an in-depth theoretical analysis of happiness and practical experiences from different academic fields (psychology, philosophy, economy, neuroscience, anthropology, political sciences, etc.).

During the 3-day course, activities will also include a visit to the VMU Botanical Garden for relaxation practice, a creative walk in the Freedom Avenue, folk dances, and discussions.
Participants will take part in group activities and will present a final group proposal of a “happiness formula” to a panel of judges at the end of the hackathon. During the leisure time, the summer course attendees will be encouraged to experience vibrant Kaunas streets, traditional Lithuanian
cuisine, and rich cultural heritage.

The ‘(CO)HAPPINESS LABORATORY’ course will provide students with the best experiences to develop the skills necessary to understand their own happiness, happiness of other people and us all as a society, and to identify new opportunities to stay happy in times of challenges.

All participants having completed the course will be awarded certificates for 3 ECTS, which will be recognized across the entire T4EU alliance.
Note that travel and accommodation expenses will be funded by the T4EU Initiative, so please contact the T4EU office at your home university.
Without further ado, we invite you to register for the ‘(CO)HAPPINESS LABORATORY’ summer course and experience everything planned yourself!

Application deadline for UniTS students is June 21