Saarland @UniTS

Academic staff from Saarland University

Within the Transform4Europe Alliance, a meeting for the research cooperation between Saarland University (Sport Science Institute) and Trieste University (Department of Life Sciences – Psychology Unit) took place this week.

A delegation from Saarland University – Prof. Sabine Schaefer, Dr. Christian Kaczmarek, MA Kai Leisge, and Anna Lina Heggenberger – visited the campus of Trieste and the laboratories of Prof. Tiziano Agostini, Prof. Mauro Murgia, and Prof. Fabrizio Sors.

This meeting was a “follow-up” of the previous visit of the Trieste delegation to Saarbrücken in November 2022.

The research groups took stock of the previously planned experiments on the effects of spectators on motor skills, and discussed about further activities to be conducted jointly in the next months.