Bachelor tracks: find out what we are offering!

students at university of Trieste

Starting from February 2023, T4EU students will have the opportunity to attend courses at Bachelor level, offered by Transform4Europe Alliance partner institutions, and integrate these programmes into their curriculum.

UniTS offers the following courses:

  • Entrepreneurship (hybrid)
  • Conservation and Management of Marine Ecosystems (hybrid)
  • Growth Economics (hybrid)
  • Project Cycle Management (only face-to-face)
  • Theory and Techniquest for Quality Control (hybrid)
  • Scientific Communication Techniques (hybrid)
  • EU Law and Policies (hybrid)
  • Geographic Information Systems for Ecological and Economical Studies (hybrid – partially delivered during the Trieste T4EU Week)
  • Economics of Natural Resources (hybrid)

To apply for courses offered by UNITS, fill in the registration form by 20th February 2023

Find out more on the Bachelor’s Tracks programme page

The Transform4Europe Track has three common core modules:

Knowledge Entrepreneurship

Languages & Intercultural Competencies

European History, Politics, Culture, Law, Economy

and optional challenge-based modules covering the three Transform4Europe focus areas:

Digital Transformation

Environmental Transformation

Societal Transformation

The courses will be held in different modalities:

  • face-to-face = students attend on campus
  • hybrid = Transform4Europe students attend online, home students attend on-campus
  • blended = the course is largely online (for all students), but there may be face-to-face elements, for instance for project work, during the mobility week or a final exam
  • basic course (BC) = Knowledge in the area of expertise
  • application course (AC) = Students apply knowledge to gain experience and generate societal transformative impact in limited scope