Call for International Visiting Lectureship For Entrepreneurs And Practitioners

The Transform4Europe alliance wants to help the actual and prospect European students attending our universities to acquire an entrepreneurial mindset useful to prepare them to face the complexity of the global challenges (digitalization, sustainability, circularity, etc).

To this aim, the alliance is organizing International Visiting Lectureship For Entrepreneurs And Practitioners, where an entrepreneur or a practitioner will present his/her experience at the University of Silesia in Katowice during the first Transform4Europe week. He/She will hold three lectures for different audiences highlighting the different perspectives: a general lecture for the students, a specific lecture for the teaching staff and an open lecture for the citizenship.

The selection of a lecturer will be based on the assessment of the curriculum vitae and an interview also the applicants will submit their application by e-mail within the deadline of April 11th to the address: