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Scholarships are assigned on the basis of a comparative evaluation of merit and following the order decided in the relative merit list. With two applicants of equal merit, the deciding factor is the financial situation determined on the basis of the law dated 30.04.97, published in G.U. n. 116 of 09.06.97, and subsequent updates.

Instead of the ordinary scholarship, students admitted to a doctoral course may receive scholarships offered on the basis of financing and resource allocation coming from the European Union or other international bodies, or actually awarded directly by such institutions. The scholarship will not be paid if the student is suspended or expelled from the course.

At the request of the student, and if approval is obtained from the Academic Board, payment of the ordinary scholarship may be suspended for the entire duration of the other scholarship of which the student is a recipient.

The amount paid can be increased by a maximum of 50% in cases of periods of study outside Italy at institutions not participating in the doctoral course. From 29° cycle period must be uninterrupted and longer than sixty days.

Students must immediately report any gaps in attendance, refusals of scholarships, requests for deferments or re-admission to course attendance: the Administration reserves the right to recover any moneys it deems misappropriated.

Method of payment of the scholarship:
  • payment of the instalment is made monthly, with the bank instructed to make the sum available on the 25th of each month;
  • it is up to the Course Coordinators or their assistants to report any failures to attend in the previous month by the 3rd day of every month. In such cases, payment of the instalment is suspended. Should the Coordinator be late reporting a month-long absence, the Administration will subsequently take back any instalments paid inappropriately.
  • because of the complicated bureaucratic procedures involved, payment of the first instalment of the new academic year cannot be guaranteed, and neither can the second instalment when the payment of the scholarship regards the first year of course.
  • Should the activities of the first year of course begin later than November 1, il conguaglio verrŕ erogato dopo il passaggio student is admitted to the following year.
  • As regards the proportional increase in the amount paid for periods of research carried out abroad, such payments will be made 4 times per year at the most, once the Administration has verified that the documentation presented by the student is all in order.

Payment of national insurance contribution

Since 1 January 1999, scholarships awarded to doctoral students are subject to payment of the national insurance contribution.

This contribution is covered 2/3 by the University Administration and 1/3 by the scholarship holder.

Any changes taking place in the course of the year (if the student starts or finishes an activity that involves registering with a pension fund) must be immediately reported to the Doctoral Registrar’s Office so that the national insurance contribution can be re-calculated.

Students enrolled in their first year who are recipients of a scholarship must register online at the local office of the Italian National Insurance Board (INPS) in Trieste within 60 days of the course starting (check the actual starting date). For specific information regarding pension contributions and health insurance, students are advised to consult their local INPS office directly.

For any changes occurring in their pension contributions and health insurance status, scholarship-holders should contact INPS in person, since the University of Trieste merely provides INPS with a list of the names of the scholarship-holders and pays the national insurance contribution.

Obviously, any changes in a student’s income-tax band which may occur during the course of the year and which are reported by the individual to the university’s offices will be communicated to INPS.

Scholarship request - A.Y. 2023/24 (39th cycle)
[Scholarship request - A.Y. 2023/24 <b>(39th cycle)</b> -  (pdf)] (14.09.23)
Form to withdraw or relinquish scholarship
[Form to withdraw or relinquish scholarship -  (pdf)] (27.09.18)

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