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In Italy, access to PhD courses is subject to a selection procedure. Every year a new cycle starts and every year the University of Trieste publishes an Call for Applications with all the applicable rules, requirements and deadlines. New applications may be accepted at a later stage, and reopening and supplementary announcements may be posted on the website.
The PhD Programmes available for enrolment in the first year are listed here
Since 2013, PhD Programmes are subject to national accreditation agency requirements. The procedure may be ongoing when the Call for Applications is published. Please keep checking the website for updates.
The information related to each PhD course (overview of the programme, learning outcomes, scientific areas, number of places/scholarships/research grants available, contact people etc.) is provided in the relevant attachment to Admission Announcement.
A place may be allocated with either a scholarship or a research grant or else. In some cases, no financial support is granted. A scholarship or research grant may be targeted to a pre-assigned topic. This information is provided in the attachments. The Doctoral Programmes offered in the previous years are available here The PhD Programmes available for enrolment in the first year offered also in collaboration with other Universities, are listed here

  • for administrative enquiries (eg application/enrolment procedure), please send an email to the PhD Office email and remember to indicate your SURNAME and NAME (as they appear on your ID) and the EXACT PhD course

  • Register online
  • Fill in and submit the application online, exclusively through the online procedure available at the link and follow the instructions provided by the guide describing the procedure for enrolment to the selection before applying.
  • Fill in the form “List of documents” available here below “Application forms” with the list of all the documents required and provided (eg cv, degree, publications etc.)
  • Upload both the form and the scanned documents before the deadline
  • Pay the application fee (exam registration) online by credit card before the deadline indicated in the Call for Applications. Someone else can pay the fee on your behalf. Foreign candidates residing in countries subject to restrictions shall pay the exam registration fee before the entry examination, if the examination is to take place in person, or, in any event, before enrolment. Candidates from Developing Countries are exempt from the payment of the exam registration fee. A list of Developing Countries can be found here . Non- Italian candidates living in countries subject to restrictions shall pay the fee when they take the admission exam or before enrolling (if their presence is not required for the admission exam).

If you hold a non-Italian degree, you will find all the necessary information here

All candidates are admitted provisionally. Candidates who are found out not to meet even a single requirement will be excluded. This may happen at any step of the admission procedure, even after merit lists have been published. The PhD Office is entitled to check the candidate eligibility criteria until enrolment is completed. You will be excluded if:

The list above is not exhaustive; please check the Admission Announcement for the complete rules and regulations.

The selection procedure varies according to the PhD course. It may consist of:

The schedule of the selection procedure for each PhD course is indicated in the relevant attachment.
Please notice that some PhD courses allow candidates to take the interview by videoconference and check whether the PhD you apply for offers this opportunity. You will find the Boards of Examiners as well as detailed information, instructions and deadlines relevant to the admission procedure, here .
The outcomes of the selection procedure are monitored by the PhD Office and the following information are made public as soon as available:

On top of merit lists you will find the deadlines for applying for enrolment and the deadline for paying the tax/fees.
Some places may be left vacant and reallocated. This is why we ask you to apply for enrolment if you are eligible, regardless your ranking in the merit list.

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