Research Doctorate

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The Research Doctorate is the third and highest level of University education and is aimed at imparting the skills and competencies necessary to carry out highly qualified research either at academic institutions or at other public or private institutions. A Doctoral programme usually has a three-year duration and may include study periods abroad as well as training activities at private and public institutions. In Italy, the admission and recruitment processes are governed by national laws and the University's own provisions. Every candidate must undergo an official public selection process. Some of the places available are funded; the funding bodies may be the Italian Ministry of Universities, Research and Education, the University itself on its own budget, or a public or private institution. Eligible non-Italian candidates must hold an academic qualification awarded by a non-Italian institution, declared as equivalent to an Italian degree by the Academic Board for the sole purposes of admission to the Doctorate. Every year the University of Trieste publishes an official admission announcement on its website, which provides general information on:
  • the Doctoral programmes offered for the corresponding academic year;
  • the requirements, procedures and deadlines for applying;
  • student record services;
  • student rights and obligations.
The announcement also contains the attachments relative to every Doctorate, each providing specific information regarding:
  • the aims and objectives of every Doctoral programme;
  • the admission procedure and scheduling of each single admission examination;
  • the number of funded and/or non-funded places for every Doctoral programme.

Comparative assessments are made by the Boards of Examiners, appointed for every Doctoral programme as laid down by University regulations. After the selection process has been completed, the Boards of Examiners draw up the respective merit lists. Scholarships are allocated on the basis of comparative merit, according to the order established on the merit list. The research doctorate degree is awarded when the final examination is passed, which consists of the candidate successfully defending the doctoral thesis.