The T4Europe partners have joined forces to transform themselves and their collaboration in order to drive the transformation of Europe. They will interlink universities, experts from surrounding enterprises, local governments, and society to promote a challenge-driven and integrated knowledge creation community and foster innovation in their regions.

Together, they strive to create an integrated multi-campus university embedded in an interlinked regional network and characterised by a transformative knowledge-entrepreneurialism approach.
They will educate a new generation of highly motivated and skilled European knowledge-entrepreneurs:
agents of change with the interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial,

digital, multilingual and intercultural competencies needed to actively contribute to and shape upcoming challenge-related transformation processes in Europe and the wider globalised world. T4Europe prioritises three thematic focus areas in order to address current societal challenges:

  • digital transformation and smart regions
  • environmental transformation and sustainability
  • societal transformation and inclusion

Through a series of transformative tasks and activities, the alliance will develop joint challenge-driven academic programmes with embedded entrepreneurial competencies and language-learning, innovative knowledge-creating formats that unite.



Challenge-based European curricula: T4Europe will offer challenge-based, interdisciplinary, Europe -focused joint tracks and study programmes at bachelor, master’s and PhD level.

Innovative teaching and learning environments: T4Europe will create an alliance-wide policy on good innovative teaching, a virtual peer-to-peer T4EU Teaching Academy for academic staff, and a comprehensive e-learning platform for the new T4Europe study programmes.

Creating entrepreneurial knowledge with and for the regions: T4Europe will establish a network of strategic partnerships between the alliance and

non-university stakeholders from the partners’ regions, and implement a series of targeted formats to strengthen the co-creation of knowledge by researchers, students and non-university stakeholders.

Inclusive mobility, access and campus spirit: T4Europe will make mobility accessible for all by creating a strategy to further develop mobility and embed it in curricula, creating joint mobility services and developing flexible, short-term mobility and internationalisation-at-home activities for students and staff. It will implement automatic recognition of all degrees and individual modules, and T4Europe student and staff cards


Setting up highly integrated joint co-creational governance structures comprising managerial, academic and non-academic staff, students and regional stakeholders, as well as joint administrative structures in selected areas

Jointly creating new forms and models of innovative content, pedagogical tools, and teaching and learning approaches, and integrating existing digital infrastructures into the T4Europe collaborative tool and e-learning platform.

Harmonising curricula, automatizing the recognition of all degrees and individual modules, and making mobility the norm for all T4EU members

Strengthening university-region cooperation and integrating knowledge-entrepreneurialism into the universities’ profiles and curricula

Strengthening European identity within the partner universities, enabling their members to act as transformation agents in shaping the future of Europe.