Photo: Daniele Coslovich

Daniele Coslovich
Associate professor
Physics Department
University of Trieste

Dipartimento di Fisica
Università di Trieste
Strada Costiera 11
34151 Trieste (Italy)


My research deals with the physics of disordered systems, with a focus on supercooled liquids and glasses. My work is based on statistical physics methods, computer simulations and some tools borrowed from data science.

Check out this page for a glimpse of my research interests.

Recent papers and seminars

"Dimensionality reduction of local structure in glassy binary mixtures"
D. Coslovich, R. Jack, J. Paret, The Journal of Chemical Physics 157, 204503 (2022)

"Revisiting the single-saddle model for the $\beta$-relaxation of supercooled liquids"
D. Coslovich, A. Ikeda, The Journal of Chemical Physics 156, 094503 (2022)

"partycls: A Python package for structural clustering"
J. Paret, D. Coslovich, Journal of Open Source Software 6, 3723 (2021)

"Unsupervised learning of amorphous structure"
First International Workshop on Complex Glasses, Warsaw (Poland), 2023

"Quantitative tests of the dynamic crossover scenario in glassy liquids"
International Discussion Meeting on Relaxation in Complex Systems 9th, Chiba (Japan), 2023

"Machine learning glasses: What do humans learn?"
Viscous Liquids and the Glass Transition XIX, Holbaek (Denmark), 2023


My codes are available on framagit. Among other things, I develop atooms, a high-level Python framework to deal with particle-based simulations, such as molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo.

Check out this page for an overview of the codes I develop and to which I contribute.

Latest releases

f2py-jit - What's new in version 0.10.2, released 26/11/2023
Just-in-time Fortran extension builder for Python

atooms-pp - What's new in version 3.3.3, released 4/8/2023
Post-processing tools for particle simulations

atooms - What's new in version 3.19.2, released 1/8/2023
A framework for simulations of interacting particles

Featured packages


A high-level Python framework to deal with particle-based simulations.

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Compute static and dynamic correlation functions from particles' trajectories.

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Just-in-time Fortran extension builder for Python. Built on top of f2py and f90wrap.

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I am teaching the following courses at the University of Trieste

Fisica dei sistemi disordinati

Laurea Magistrale in Fisica
  • soft matter
  • phase diagrams
  • structure and dynamics of liquids
  • glass transition

Class materials »

Introduzione alla fisica

Laurea Triennale in Intelligenza Artificiale e Data Analytics
  • Netwonian mechanics
  • fluid mechanics
  • thermodynamics
  • electromagnetism

Class materials »

Modern tools for computational science

Ph.D. program in Physics
  • Version control
  • Code management
  • Just-in-time compilation
  • Reproducible research
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Tesi di laurea triennali e magistrali

The thesis projects I supervise are based on statistical mechanics and computer simulations, and may involve computational and/or theoretical investigations of

See my research interest for a brief description of topics I am working on. I am happy to supervise projects with a focus on computational methods, such as

Get in touch with me for an informal chat about possible projects.