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Adding an international experience to their educational career, by spending a study period at the University of Trieste is a great opportunity to students coming from our Partner Universities around the world.
The University of Trieste chooses its partners according to three main principles:
- on the basis of shared and integrated interests involving courses and programmes;
- in the light of already pre-existing relations between departments or individual researchers, mostly deriving from joint research projects;
- with a view to improving the networking opportunities of University of Trieste.

I.S.E.P. International Student Exchange Program

ISEP is a worldwide network of over 300 member institutions in the United States and other 50 countries. It cooperates to provide affordable access to international education for a diverse student population. ISEP students gain intercultural competence through integration into their host institution and host culture while exploring the international dimensions of their academic field.

ISEP exchanges are open to students at member institutions; each outbound participant pays the cost of an academic term (tuition, room and board) at home while, for every student sent abroad, the institution receives one in return. ISEP facilitates exchanges between US and international members as well as exchanges among international institutions.

The University of Trieste annually offers 4 student-places abroad for all of its regularly-enrolled students and hosts American students for a semester or for a full year.

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