Logic and Philosophy of Science

ISSN 1826 - 1043


Logic and Philosophy of Science is an on-line philosophical journal published by EUT (University of Trieste).


Information for the authors

Papers can be submitted to L&PS — Logic and Philosophy of Science by email, writing to episteme@units.it.

Papers submitted to the journal must be written either in Italian or in English, and must be accompanied by a short summary in English (and also in Italian for the articles written in Italian). All papers must be prepared for blind review and will be evaluated by anonymous referees.

In order to promote critical discussion and exchange among scholars, the journal is willing to publish reports on work in progress, to be submitted and evaluated according to the criteria already mentioned above.

The copyright is left to the authors, provided that any reprint of the paper explicitly mentions the version previously published in L&PS.

Upon acceptance, manuscripts must be prepared according to the following guidelines.

Instructions for Microsoft Word authors

A Microsoft Word template can be downloaded from this link.

Instructions for LaTeX authors

Authors using the LaTeX typesetting system should download and use the official journal LaTeX class, called lps.cls, which includes a template file. The class should be included in the standard LaTeX distributions (such as MikTeX or TeXLive); alternatively, the last version of the class can be downloaded from The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN).

LaTeX authors should compile (possibly through PDFLaTeX) their article using the L&PS class and submit both the final PDF file and the original TeX source (.tex file). They should also attach any additional file necessary for the compilation, like external images (best in JPG or PDF format), or BibTeX bibliography files (.bib).

Example: Rudolf Carnap may submit an article as a compressed folder called carnap.zip with the following internal structure:

  • carnap.zip
    • carnap.tex
    • carnap.pdf
    • mybibliography.bib
    • Images folder
      • mypicture.jpg
      • mygraph.pdf