The research group on eco-welfare (Gruppo di ricerca eco-welfare) is based at the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the University of Trieste, and it mainly deals with study and research activities about the interplay between welfare crisis and environmental crisis, by involving investigations into energy transition, community energy initiatives, rural and territorial development.

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Research team

Gabriele Blasutig, sociologist, University of Trieste

Giovanni Carrosio, sociologist, University of Trieste

Lorenzo De Vidovich, sociologist, University of Trieste

Research network

Stefano Ghinoi, social network analyst, University of Greenwich

Antonio Kaulard, environmental economist, eco&eco

Andrea Lampis, sociologist, Universidade de São Paulo

Natalia Magnani, sociologist, University of Trento

Jacopo Sforzi, sociologist, Euricse

Francesco Silvestri, environmental economist, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Graphic support

Benedetta Marani, urban planner, independent researcher and consultant


For the research activities on energy poverty in Trieste, six Master’s students in political sciences from the University of Trieste supported us in the questionnaires’ design and administration.

Gabriele Isola
Matteo Mancini
Luca Minoia
Ludovica Tiberini
Adilona Uka
Daniele Zoletto