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PhD Top Stories


Sara Patrizi

Whole-Genome Methylation Study of Congenital Lung Malformations in Children

Doctoral Programme in Reproduction and Developmental Sciences

Maria Michelina Raso

GMMA and Glycoconjugate Approaches Compared in Mice for the Development of a Vaccine against Shigella flexneri Serotype 6

Doctoral Programme in Molecular Biomedicine

Mariachiara Spennato

Turning biomass into functional composite materials: rice husk for fully renewable immobilized biocatalysts

Doctoral Programme in Chemistry

Simone Picchianti

A Forgotten Excellence:the Production of Armour in Florence

Doctoral Programme in History of societies, institutions and thought. From medieval to contemporary history (in collaboration with Università degli Studi di Udine)

Paolo Simonetti

Binary star systems and habitable planets: a statistical analysis

Doctoral Programme in Physics

Matteo Bisetto

Facet engineering of cuprous oxide: a new frontier for photocatalysis

Doctoral Programme in Nanotechnology

Gabriele Sbaiz

Multiple-scales in geophysical fluid-dynamics

Doctoral Programme in Earth science, Fluidynamics, Mathematics. Interactions and methods

Antonio Di Vilio

Narrating the Sixties: Thomas Pynchon and Los Angeles.

Doctoral Programme in Studi Linguistici e Letterari, Università di Trieste e Università di Udine

Matteo Caruso

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Robotic Lander Based on Variable Radius Drums.

Doctoral Programme in Industrial and Information Engineering

Alberto Cucca

Art therapy practice is associated with increased connectivity within brain regions involved in visual perception.

Doctoral Programme in Neural and cognitive sciences

Debora Curci

The importance of therapeutic drug monitoring in clinical practice.

Doctoral Programme in Reproduction and Developmental Sciences

Marta Bottos

The Crisis of the 3rd Century AD in the Territory of Iulia Concordia

Doctoral Programme in Scienze dell'Antichità (interateneo Università di Trieste – Udine – Venezia)

Riccardo Sola

Novel drugs from the sea: how cetaceans inspired new antibiotics.

Doctoral Programme in Molecular Biomedicine

Irene Candelieri

From Native Indians' music to dance in the New York of the 1930s: notes on the anthropology of sound in Franz and Franziska Boas

Doctoral Programme in History of societies, institutions and thought. From medieval to contemporary history

Anna Schroeder

DNA metabarcoding and morphological analysis - Assessment of zooplankton biodiversity in transitional waters

Doctoral Programme in Environmental Life Sciences

Davide Soranzio

Smaller than a picometer: white light to quantify non-equilibrium atomic displacements

Doctoral Programme in Physics

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