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  1. I'm a non-EU citizen. How do I enroll?

  2. I'm a EU citizen. How do I enroll?

  3. Which documents are needed for enrolment?

  4. What is the codice fiscale and where can I get it?

  5. What is the dichiarazione di valore ?

  6. What is the Statement of comparability and qualifications certification?

  7. Where can I have my documents translated?

  8. How would I know whether my qualification is accepted for university enrolment?

  9. I attend university abroad. Can I pursue my education at your University?

  10. Do I have to take admission examinations?

  11. How can I apply for an admission exam?

  12. How do I prepare for an exam?

  13. Is a minimum score required for admittance on the Italian language test? What is the test about?

  14. Where can I attend a course of Italian language?

  15. Who is entitled to benefit from quotas for international students?

  16. How many places are available to non-EU students living abroad?

  17. In the event that I am not admitted (because of unavailable places) do I get another chance to enroll?

  18. Which are the degree programmes available at bachelor/first level (L)? And what about master/second level (LM)?

  19. When do classes start?

  20. I wish to apply for a professionally-oriented master course or specialty, or PhD programme. Whom should I contact?

  21. I wish to attend only a few subject courses during one or two terms. What should I do?

  22. I am an Erasmus student. Whom should I contact?

  23. I graduated from a foreign university. Is my qualification recognized in Italy?

  24. Which kind of residence permits allow access to university (other than study permits for university purposes)?

  25. How do I apply for a residence permit?

  26. How many exams do I have to pass in order to have my residence permit extended?

  27. Am I allowed to work off-campus?

  28. I'm a EU student. Do I need a residence permit?

  29. How much are tuition fees?

  30. How can I get a scholarship?

  31. Are foreign students provided with accomodation assistance? What about catering?

  32. Am I entitled to free health care?

  33. How expensive is life in Trieste?

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