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Non-EU citizens living outside Italy











If you come from a non-EU country (except for EU-equated countries, i.e. Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, San Marino or Liechtenstein) and live outside Italy, you must:

·         Find your course of study on our course catalogue and check if there are places available.

·         Check here what documents you need.

·         Pre-enrol on Universitaly and upload all your documents.

·         UniTS will check your pre-enrolment. If you have uploaded all requested documents, UniTS will confirm your acceptance on Universitaly directly.

·         IMPORTANT!: This confirm does not automatically imply the issue of the visa. The decision on the issue of a visa for study purposes is the exclusive jurisdiction of the diplomatic/consular Mission. Every diplomatic/consular Mission will evaluate students applications independently.

·         Check here the admission requirements for the programme you wish to follow.

·         Register on our portal (Esse3):;jsessionid=CF232C40D2646591F03023BFBEE818C5.esse3-units-prod-05?cod_lingua=eng

·         For applicants of open-admission programmes (not requiring to sit an entrance test): Apply for enrollment online - by 5th October 2023 – using your username and password

·         If you have chosen a programme that requires an entrance test (limited-number programmes), you must apply online for the test using your username and password received after registration on our portal. Applications will open on the first day of publication of the Calls for Applications for admission, usually available in early July:

Please note: Before taking the entrance test you need to pay the admission exam fee by credit card during the online process or, if you are unable to use the online payment method, you can pay in a bank on arrival in Italy using the invoice you’ll have downloaded and printed out (make sure to pay before sitting the test!)

·         For applicants of restricted-admission programmes (requiring to sit an entrance test): after taking the test, wait for the results and, if you have passed the test, apply online for enrollment using your username and password. Please check the dates on the Call for Applications (Bando) and ensure to apply by the deadline!



·         Notification of the date, time and venue is sent to the Italian Consulates and published here.

The Italian language test will be held on-line between 28th August and 1st September 2023. The exact dates are be published here.

You do not have to take this test if:

- you hold a qualification from an international school;

- you hold a certificate of competence in Italian (at least level B2), recognized by the CLIQ Association (Quality Certification), e. g. CELI, CILS, PLIDA;

- you have passed the CISIA Italiano L2 test, organized by other universities, with a minimum 50% score

- you apply for an English-taught programme. In this case, you must pass a test in English.

·         Assessment test: for access to open-admission programmes, either first or second cycle, the student’s knowledge must be assessed. Each programme establishes its specific requirements and how they should be met. Go to this link to check conditions of admission to your programme.

·         Admission test: it is compulsory for admission to restricted-access programmes (regulations are set out in the relevant programme’s Call for Applications).

Candidates are placed by rank order of their test scores and, if successful, can apply for enrollment. A limited number of places is available on each program for non-EU citizens on a student visa. Please note, however, that applicants from international schools are not subject to such quotas, therefore, in case of limited-access programmes, they compete with EU students (and non-EU students residing in Italy).


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