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the confocal microscopy facilities

Confocal microscopy enables to overcome the diffraction limit of lateral resolution inherent to conventional light-optical microscopy and can deliver blur-free images of thick specimens, suitable for 3D reconstruction.

The confocal microscope is a tool allowing researchers to examine cells,  tissues  and samples in a specific way and thus opening the door to new investigation and collaborations. The microscope has a shallow depth field so an image is collected from an optical diction rather than from the full depth of the specimen as in conventional light microscopy.


The 3D-imaging properties of the CLSM make it an ideal tool to study cellular topography, internal structure, and fluorescence properties of biological objects and materials with dimensions in the sub-mm to mm range.

The Confocal Microscopy Unit was open thanks to the financial support of “Fondo Trieste” to the Departments that founded the present Department of Life Sciences and one additional grant of “Fondazione Kathleen Foreman Casali” awarded to the         BRAIN Centre for Neuroscience of the University of Trieste


The responsable of the facility is the Principal Investigator of Cellular and Molecular Neuroanatomy lab,  Dr. Enrico Tongiorgi

The microscope and facility manager is Dr. Gabriele Baj

Why confocal microscopy?