I obtained the PhD in Physics in 2005 at the University of Trieste. I worked as beamline scientist at the Elettra Synchrotron in the ALOISA beamline of CNR. Since 2020 I am associate professor at the Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Trieste.

My research activity is dedicated to the study of assembly and recognition processes of small molecules on metal and semiconductor surfaces, as driven by the chemical properties of their functional groups. I am also interested in on-surface synthesis of 2D systems and to their characterization in terms of the interaction with the substrate, of the electronic structure and of the charge dynamics properties. I collaborate with the research group of the ALOISA beamline of the Elettra Synchrotron in Trieste, Italy. I coordinate the ANCHOR-SUNDYN laboratory at the Elettra Synchrotron in Trieste, in collaboration with PhD Martina Dell’Angela. ANCHOR-SUNDYN is an end-station of the Synchrotron, operative since 2013. It allows to perform X-Ray spectroscopy on in-situ grown systems, both with Synchrothron light and Laboratory photons sources. In addition, a laser resolved in the femtoseconds regime is installed to perform pump (laser) & probe (synchrotron) experiments, as well as two-photon photoemission spectroscopy.

I am co-author of about 120 publications in peer-reviewed Journals. My h-index is 33 (Scholar Google), my papers have more than 3500 citations.

Principal Investigator of ANCHOR project (2012-2017, FIRB MIUR, 683 KEuros, ref: RBFR10FQBL)

Investigator within DESCARTES project (2013-2016, PRIN MIUR, Coordinator prof. M. Casarin, University of Padova ref.:2010BNZ3F2)


Selected Publications

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Cossaro, A., Mazzarello, R., Rousseau, R., Casalis, L., Verdini, A., Kohlmeyer, A., Floreano, L., Scandolo, S., Morgante, A., Klein, M.L., Scoles, G., Science, 321, 943 (2008) X-ray diffraction and computation yield the structure of alkanethiols on gold(111)