Fulvio Babich

Name:  Fulvio BABICH
Title:  Associate Professor
Address:  Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA), University of Trieste, Via A. Valerio, 10, 34127 - TRIESTE (Italy), Telecommunication Group (theses, lectures, research)
Phone:  +39-040-5587146
Fax:  +39-040-5583460 
e-mail:  babich AT units DOT it


Fulvio Babich was born in Trieste, Italy, on 5 April 1959. He received the doctoral degree, (Laurea), cum laude, in Electrical Engineering, at the University of Trieste, on July 1984, discussing the thesis "Attenuation and dispersion of single-mode fibers for telecommunications".

From 1984 to 1987 he was with Telettra, at the Research and Development laboratories of Vimercate (Milan), where he was involved in the field of high-speed optical communications. In 1987 he joined Zeltron (Udine, Italy), where he contributed at the European projects for the definition of the architectural matters of the European Home Systems (EHS) specification.

In 1992 he joined the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEEI) of the University of Trieste where he is Professor of Wireless Networks. Fulvio Babich is vice Director of the Department of Engineering and Architecture, and the past coordinator of the Industrial and Information Engineering Doctorate of the University of Trieste.

Fulvio Babich has served as co-chair for the Communication Theory Symposium, ICC 2005, Seul, for the Wireless Communication Symposium, ICC 2011, Kyoto, for the Wireless Communication Symposium, WCSP 2012, Huangshan, China, for the Communication Theory Symposium, ICC 2014 Sidney, and ICC 2017, Paris. He has been general chair of IEEE Med-Hoc-Net 2014, Piran, Slovenia.

He is Senior Member of IEEE.

International Collaborations

Eureka IHS Project (European Community) : 1987-1989
ESPRIT HS HOME : 1989-1991
ESPRIT HS Integrated Interactive Home : 1991-1992
ESPRIT HS Conformance : 1992-1994
March 1997-August 1997: visiting scholar at WINLAB, Rutgers University, NJ, working on multiple access protocols and discrete fading models.
2010-Present: Joint research with the Next Generation Wireless Research Group , University of Southampton.
KLEAN (Knowledge-based EFB for green flight trajectory decision aid). 7th Framework Programme for Research) Clean-SKY 2012.
H2020. AEOLIX (Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange). 2016-2019.
H2020. NeMo (Hyper-Network for electroMobility). 2016-2019.
H2020. OptiTruck, (Optimal fuel consumption with Predictive PowerTrain control and calibration for intelligent Truck). 2016-2019.
H2020. ELVITEN, (Electrified L-category Vehicles Integrated into Transport and Electricity Networks). 2017-2020.
H2020. COREALIS, (The Port of the Future), 2018-2021.

Current Research Activities

His current research interests are in the field of wireless networks and personal communications. He is involved in Channel coding and adaptive transmission, Multiple access, Radio channel modeling, Real time information transmission over heterogeneous networks, Antenna systems, Distance estimation and positioning.

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List of Recent Publications
Catalog of Fulvio Babich's publications and of the doctoral theses of which he was co-coordinator


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